500 DL-World Divine Beast NFT Will be Launched—— Whitelist Entry is Live Now

As reported that DL-World Divine Beast NF, as the important props for enchanting soul beasts and identifying soul rings, will be released soon, and play an important role in the entire game ecosystem in the future.
Whitelist Entry: 18:00p.m. , June 22nd - 18:00p.m., June 28th
Pre-sale: 15:00 p.m., June 27th - 15:00 p.m., June 28th
Public sale: 20:00p.m., June 29th- 20:00p.m., June 31st
Pre-sale :200 divine beasts NFTs
Price: 2000 GSG
Public sale :300 divine beasts NFT
Price: 3000 GSG
DL-World, an integrated platform for games, NFT casting, display and trading, is a developmental PVE/PVP game released on BSC, which combines ecological gamefi + social + NFT + Defi and so on, allowing users to enjoy decentralized games and social networking. Whitelist Entry is live now and total 1000 available, 500 NFT for pre-sale.
Website :http://dlworld.io/